Discover SELECTED's luxuriously soft knitwear made from certified mohair - sourced with respect for animal welfare. Visuals & sound design made by: sub.stnc®

We helped the Danish fashion label SELECTED Femme to communicate their commitment to the environment and animal welfare. Our ultimate goal was to utilize our expertise to promote accountability and responsibility.

The project went through various stages, including an initial concept that was considered too commercial and concentrated on interior design. To address this, we diligently worked on revitalizing the ambiance and crafting a more suitable, less commercial style that aligned with the client's preferred aesthetics.

In terms of sound, our aim was to achieve sound design that facilitated a deeper connection to nature. As such, the careful selection of sounds was crucial in realizing this objective. The use of waves and organic instruments like strings and harps played a significant part in composing the piece. Each sound was specifically recorded for this project and sourced from our proprietary sub.stnc® library.

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