Why brands and agencies should focus more on sound design

Sound design is a critical part of any visual asset. Agencies and brands need to understand the value of sound.


Many agencies and brands have yet to understand and explore the creative possibilities of using sound design in their visual assets.

Integrate and create sounds for brand-focused videos

Sound design has been an overlooked element of video production, but it's becoming increasingly important for brands. Video is an essential part of the marketing mix, and sound design can play a major role in how consumers interact with your brand. Sound can help create impressions about a brand’s personality and values, making it important for agencies to integrate sound into client videos.

why it's time for custom rather than stock

Once upon a time, sound was simply the backdrop for an experience. It still is (to some?). Today's audiences expect more from brands than ever before—and they're less tolerant of poor-quality audio experiences. So while agencies have been educating clients about how important sound is as part of their overall brand strategy, too often we're still using stock sounds that don't fit with our creative vision or support our client's goals. This needs to change. Sound should not be considered an afterthought but rather part of the overall strategy for users' interactions with your brand.

Respect the craft.

Sound design is a critical part of any visual asset. Agencies and brands should be more willing to pay for it—and, more importantly, give the sound designer enough time and space to get their job done properly. Sound is 50% of any visual material. It should be equally treated like any visuals.


The takeaway here is that sound design has a lot of benefits and should be considered more often. Brands can use sounds to create an emotional connection with their audience, improve the user experience and help create a memorable brand identity. It's time for brands to take advantage of these benefits and start creating custom sounds for their visual assets instead of relying on stock audio. In need of sound design for your project? Contact us: sub.stnc® ;)

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