This is why agencies should focus more on 3D content

Agencies look here! - Increase engagement for your clients/brands by focusing on 3D content. See how 3D assets affects CTR and find the right studio to partner with.


As agencies continue to grow, they need to find the right balance between online and traditional marketing. The key is finding a way to combine both of these experiences with the latest technologies out there, including 3D content creation. Here's why it matters:

3D assets have a higher click-through rate

3D content have a higher click-through and conversion rate than 2D. "Our data shows that 3D content is more engaging than 2D, so brands should be using it to capture the attention of their audience as well as convert them into paying customers," says Vishal Patel, CEO of Clevver Media.

Clevver Media analyzed over 200 million videos across 12 channels and found that 3D videos had an average CTR (click-through rate) of 7.5 percent compared to 2D's 2 percent average CTR. The study also found that conversions on mobile devices were up to three times higher for 3D than 2D assets: 4 percent versus 1 percent respectively.

dark dior boot made using CGI
Dior 3D boot.

3D content drives more engagement on social media

As you know, the average engagement rate on Facebook and Instagram has been declining over the past few years. In 2014, Facebook had an average engagement rate of 0.9% while Instagram's engagement rate was 1.4%. Today these numbers have dropped down to 0.6% and 0.2%, respectively (Hootsuite). But what may surprise you is that 3D content performs much better than flat images when it comes to social media engagement.

Agencies should embrace the rise of 3D content, and find ways to get the most out of it for the benefit of their clients.

3D content is becoming increasingly popular. With this in mind, it's time for agencies to find and partner up with a studio that can deliver great visual assets. To do this successfully, look for a studio specialising in 3D, CGI and motion. For example, you could contact us (sub.stnc®). We have years of experience producing high-quality assets for top brands. Besides animation, we also provide world-class sound design in all our productions. Let's have a chat! Send us an email at hello(at)


Agencies should consider how they can create more 3D content for their clients. Partner up with a studio that creates HQ 3D-assets like ours: sub.stnc® ;)

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