Should brands work directly with creative studios instead of having an agency?

This article is for brands that are considering working with creative studios directly instead of having an agency.


Brands are always looking for ways to cut costs, and the idea of working directly with a creative studio is certainly one way to do that. In fact, some brands do take this route and simply hire freelancers to do everything from logo design to video production without ever hiring an agency. This can be a good option for your brand too; see why below.

Working directly with a creative studio could cut out the bureaucracy...

The agency model can be frustrating. Agencies are often too large (and therefore slow) for a brand to efficiently manage its marketing needs. It's hard to find an agency that will get your product or service right, especially if you're a small business. If you do find the right agency, it will probably be too expensive for your budget and not worth it in terms of ROl.

In addition to being slow and costly, agencies often have multiple clients that they work with simultaneously - which means they have limited time and resources available for each client.

less expensive

Working directly with a creative studio can be less expensive for your brand. With an agency, there are usually two considerations: the cost of the project itself and an additional fee to cover all of the overhead that comes from running an agency (e.g., staff salaries, office space). When you work directly with a creative studio, there's no need for these extra costs.

more personal

creative studio. image made by midjourney
Imagine: Creative studio generated by ai (midjourney)

There are several advantages to working directly with a creative studio. First, it's easier to communicate directly with the people making your content. Second and perhaps more importantly, you can be sure that the people directing and creating your content have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Thirdly, due to the nature of working directly with a creative studio rather than an agency, there is greater flexibility in terms of timing. If you need changes made after initial production has begun on a 3d asset or other content for example, it will be much easier if they are happening immediately as opposed to waiting until someone is available from within an agency.


In conclusion, brands and agencies should always explore their options and see what could work for them. Working directly with an agency has advantages, but working directly with a creative studio can be much more cost-effective and personal. It's important to remember that choosing a studio or an agency depends on what's important to you. If you are looking for a creative 3D & Sound Design studio, we're here to help: sub.stnc® ;)

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