Creative ways for brands to communicate circularity

There are ways brands can make their circular story more engaging and exciting by using creative methods. Learn how in this article.


As we all know, circularity is a very important topic. The idea that we can create systems which use resources and then return them to the system is something that every company needs to take seriously. However, all talk about circular businesses can be boring. We believe that brands need to find creative ways of communicating this message through engaging content which engages their audiences.

All talk about circular businesses can be boring

In the past, it's been difficult to communicate circularity to the public. The topic is complex and requires an understanding of both business and sustainability. However, while circularity may be a great concept, it can also be boring for people to hear about it. But there are ways brands can make their circularity story more engaging and exciting by using creative methods of communication.

Circularity should be communicated in a fun and engaging way.

The best way to communicate circularity is to do so fun and engagingly. 3D & CGI assets are one way of communicating circularity. Your audience is likely tired of boring texts and blog posts on the topic. 3D motion will engage the consumers and at the same time help you communicate what you are doing as a brand to save the planet.

3D motion can show how products are made with circularity in mind. For example, a 3D animation of a product being made from recycled materials or using renewable energy will engage the audience and help them understand what you are doing as a company.

Create climate positive content that engages

When it comes to engaging audiences and creating positive change, climate positive content is the way forward. We're not talking basic recycling tips or eating locally—these conversations have been had for years. Instead, let's focus on creating fresh, creative content that people want to engage with and learn from.

Take Nike for example: When they launched their 'Considered' clothing line in 2017, they created an ad campaign that centered around circularity and sustainability; it featured a basketball player dunking over a giant trash can filled with plastic bottles.


It's more important than ever for brands to communicate the importance of circularity & sustainability in a fun and engaging way. 3D assets are one way of doing that. It helps engage and inform at the same time. It's visually appealing! Not boring. If you want advice on your specific project get in touch with our 3D studio: sub.stnc®

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